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Informatics for Health Care Systems at The University of Manchester

We will explore the role of informatics in managing healthcare systems, with an emphasis on current issues and future innovations and trends. The course is led by health problems rather than technologies or organisations, setting the direction of translational thinking that healthcare managers need to take when dealing with information and communications technologies.

Through our own research-driven examples and case-studies we will provide the attendees with the skills and concepts in order to address the core issues in delivering and managing healthcare systems for the information use.

The course sets core issues, technologies, information and people in the context of the journey from the maintenance of wellbeing to specialist healthcare for an individual, and the creation of a population-wide picture of health to enable well-informed management of a whole system. Each course unit will examine a core issue in detail at every stage of the Pathway in context with other core issues and skills, and will consider its impact on the information usage. It is anticipated that each issue will have a greater emphasis at certain stages of the Pathway, and this will be reflected in the health-problem orientated case-studies to be used.

The next cohort in November 2013 is available only to Health Informaticians in the North West whose organisation is a member of the Informatics Skills and Development Network

The course’s aims are to:

  • Look at each of the core issues in relation to the requirements of the information systems, and the use of information at each stage in the Pathway together with its impact on the remainder of the Pathway.
  • Provide the attendees with the key skills required to develop and manage healthcare systems in the new and changing health economy. It will address the agenda of the Information Revolution, where the patient is at the centre of the healthcare system.
  • Emphasise the importance and role of information in patient-driven healthcare.
  • Embed key principles and concepts whilst developing their practical application.

Course collaborators

This course has been developed in conjunction with the School of Computer Science, the North West Strategic Health Authority, and discussions with clinicians and other members in the NHS. We have followed the Health Careers Framework to develop the course.

Degree awarded:

Short Course: 30 PGT credits


6 months

Entry requirements:

The course is open to any persons who seek to develop their health informatics knowledge and work in the healthcare, pharmaceutical or academic sectors that hold an undergraduate degree (at least 2.2) or demonstrate extensive high-level work-related experience

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Academic department: Institute of Population Health

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