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The current model of healthcare delivery in the UK is subject to unprecedented challenges. An ageing population, the impact of lifestyle factors and increasing costs mean that the existing approaches will become unsustainable. This, coupled with a drive to personalized medicine, presents an opportunity for a step change in healthcare delivery. To do this we need to make best use of the health data we collect and to create a better understanding of the relationship between treatments, outcomes, patients and costs.  This requires individuals who understand the healthcare sector and medicine; how data is collected and analyzed, and how this can be communicated to influence various stakeholders ( Health Data Scientists (HDSs)).

The programme is aimed at students who are based in the workforce who are currently employed in the NHS, industry and academia, as well as beginning to create a new breed of scientist able to work across all three sectors.

The programme will provide the student with  skills required to deal with the gathering and analysis of complex datasets as well as an understanding of the clinical, engineering, social, ethical, and management issues surrounding them.

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