Doctoral Training Scheme

Health Informatics Research

The Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) has established a popular 3 year doctoral training scheme across our institutional partners – The University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, Lancaster University, University of York and the University of Bradford.  HeRC leads the scheme alongside three other UK nodes that collectively are known as The Farr Institute.

PhD students join our world-leading multidisciplinary eResearch environment that successfully promotes health discovery and innovation.  There are a variety of opportunities for students to transfer knowledge between both HeRC and The Farr Institute’s sites and to engage with external collaborators including NHS, industry partners and other academic institutions.

Please see below a list of the current students and an overview of their projects at the Health eResearch Centre’s Doctoral Training Programme

Ellena Badrick

Project Title: Multiple timescales in predictive modelling; with particular reference to developing a risk prediction tool for early cancer detection in patients with diabetes 

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Supervisors: Professor Andrew G Renehan and Dr Matthew Sperrin

Natalie Berry

Project Title: How can we use technology to deliver psychological interventions for people with serious mental health problems?

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Supervisors: Dr Sandra Bucci, Dr Fiona Lobban and Dr Richard Emsley

Ben Brown

Project title: Harnessing opportunities for quality improvement from Primary Care electronic health records.

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SupervisorsProfessor Iain Buchan, Dr Matthew Sperrin, Dr Thomas Blakeman, Professor Stephen Campbell

Glen Martin

Project Title: Transcatheter aortic valve implantation and hospital re-admissions: an analysis of the British Cardiovascular Interventional Society national dataset

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Supervisors: Dr Matthew Sperrin and Dr Mamas Mamas

Jenny Newman

Project Title: Real time classifiers from clinical free text for continuous surveillance of companion animal disease

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Supervisors: Phil Jones (Liverpool, primary) P-J.M.Noble (Liverpool), Goran Nenadic (Manchester), A.D.Radford (Liverpool)

Ozgur Asar

Project Title: Longitudinal survivial and time series statistical methods with applications in biomedical and health sciences.

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Supervisors: Professor Peter Diggle

William Hulme

Project Title: Cause of death following percutaneous coronary interventions for coronary artery disease: an analysis of the British Cardiovascular Interventional Society national dataset Research profile to follow

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Supervisors: Dr Matthew Sperrin and Dr Mamas Mamas

Rebecca Howard

Project Title: Longitudinal Probabilistic Modelling of Disease Endotypes Research profile to follow  

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Supervisors: Prof. Magnus Rattray, Dr. Mattia Prosperi & Prof. Adnan Custovic

Paolo Fraccaro

Project title: Context-aware computing of actionable information to improve patient safety in primary care

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SupervisorsProf. Iain Buchan, Dr. Niels Peek, Dr. Mattia Prosperi, Dr. John Ainsworth