The EASD Diabetes and Cancer Study Group (DCSG)

Members of the DCSG at 2015's annual meeting in Manchester, UK

We are a specialist pan-European collective that comprises leading researchers in the field of diabetes and cancer.

Formed in 2011 by the then President of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Professor Ulf Smith, the Diabetes and Cancer Study Group (DCSG) is pooling new evidence and expertise to better understand the complex interplay between the two prolific disease areas of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Our central objectives are:

  1. to establish minimum desirable criteria for the performance of descriptive studies in cancer epidemiology, survival, patient reported outcomes and pharmaco-epidemiology in relation to the field of diabetes;
  2. to create and implement a mechanism for pooling data and for conducting combined analyses inn relation to cancer and diabetes; and
  3. to undertake specific analyses in this area.

Our group is been tasked with investigating a series of controversial research findings, first published in 2009, that linked anti-diabetes therapies with an increased risk of cancer (read more here).

Following registration as a formal Study Group under the Presidency of Professor Andrew Boulton at 2013’s EASD Annual Conference, the core business of our Study group is the Diabetes and Cancer Research Consortium (DCRC (insert hyperlink)).

Our founding members – Ulf Smith (former EASD President); Edwin Gale (former editor-in-chief of Diabetologia); and Andrew Renehan (DCSG Chair) – are keen to retain visible affiliations with other related organisations such as European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) and the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO).

The DCRC group (March 2014) at the Amsterdam, Netherlands workshop.


Diabetes and cancer are common chronic disorders. In Europe alone, there are 55.4 million individuals living with diabetes, mainly type 2 diabetes (T2D); while there are an estimated 3.5 million new cancer cases per year.

Estimates of the co-occurrence of prevalent diabetes and cancer are age-, sex-, population, and cancer-type specific but, for example, in a study from the Eindhoven Cancer Registry, the Netherlands, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes among patients with cancer of the pancreas  was 19%; uterus, 14%; and among young men with kidney cancer, 8%.


The scope of the EASD Diabetes and Cancer Study Group includes (in no particular order of priority):

  • Develop mechanisms to implement the transfer of research observations in this field to clinical practice.
  • Explore and develop mechanisms to better harmonize basic science research between diabetes and ccancer.
  • Advise on the support of research workshops, for example, the Diabetes and Cancer Research Consortium (DCRC) workshops.
  • Form a platform, together with the DCRC, for major consortia grant applications, such as call from the European Commission H2020 scheme.
  • Advise and assist in the process of selection of awards for diabetes and cancer research trainees.
  • Advise and assist in the process of selecting diabetes and cancer symposia (for example, topics and speakers at the EASD annual conference).
  • Explore and implement mechanisms of improving education and information to the wider clinical and research communities about the associations between diabetes, diabetes treatment and cancer. Examples may be on several levels, and include:
  1. joint symposia with other professional organizations, such as ECCO, EASO, International Diabetes Federation;
  2. publications and newsletters;
  3. liaison with advocates and lobbyists, such as European Coalition for Diabetes (ECD), Alliance for European Diabetes Research (EUROADIA);
  4. link and share ideas of research priorities with related research groups, for example, the CARING project.
The DCRC group (March 2013) at the Gothenburg, Sweden workshop.

News and Events

Next DCRC workshop

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Monday 25th April to Tuesday 26th April 2016

Hosts: Dr Soffia Gudbjornsdottir and Dr Birna Þórðardóttir

Attendance: by invite only

European Obesity Summit (EOS2016)

Joint congresses of EASO (ECO2016) and the IFSO European Chapter (2016 IFSO-EC Annual Congress)

1 – 4 June 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden

This Congress will include a symposium on obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Past workshops

The DCRC meet annually with each workshop supported by and feeding into the EASD.

Date Location
March, 2015 Hosted by Andrew Renehan and Iain Buchan and supported by Farr@HeRC this sixth workshop was held in Chancellors Hotel at The University of Manchester.  For more information about the meeting please click here.
March, 2014 The fifth workshop was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 10th and 11th March 2014, hosted by Lonneke van de Poll. This will be described in detail later.
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden
2012 Brussels, Belguim
2011 Banff, Canada
2010 Copenhagen, Denmark