Using mobile technology to deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for psychosis.

THEMES: Co-produced Health


AlleRiC is the world's biggest ever study of allergies aiming to better understand and help people with food allergies.

THEMES: Endotype Discovery

Applied longitudinal statistical methods in renal medicine

Quantifying the relationships between the underlying kidney function and hazards for renal replacement therapy and death


CFHealthHub aims to support self-management which has a big impact on survival for people with Cystic Fibrosis.

THEMES: Co-produced Health


ClinTouch is an interactive and easy to use mobile phone app that provides an innovative new way of supporting people with psychosis.

THEMES: Co-produced Health

Context-aware computing

Moving primary care informatics systems from treating the average patient towards more personalised delivery of health care.

THEMES: Actionable Healthcare Analytics

CPRD_COPD Hawthorne Effect Study in Salford

CHESS: A UK cohort study to characterise patients enrolled in the Salford Lung Study and to evaluate a potential Hawthorne effect

THEMES: Efficient Trials

Distinguishing asthma and allergy endotypes

Investigating whether a new test can improve the diagnostics for asthma and allergy in children and young adults.

THEMES: Endotype Discovery

Hypothesis formulation in medical records space

Mapping data to open up the possibility of applying a range of data mining strategies.

THEMES: Health eRecord Discovery Science

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