Small Projects Scheme

Deadline: 4th March 2016

wearable technology event

Funded by the small projects scheme this event explored 'dynamic consent' with members of the public

HeRC’s Public Involvement and Engagement Small Projects Scheme

Deadline:  4th March 2016

HeRC has allocated funding to support small public involvement and engagement projects.  It is expected that 2-4 small projects will be funded per year (maximum of £7,500 per project, usually less than £5,000).

The panel is looking for projects related to health informatics that are well aligned with the objectives of HeRC and/or HeRC themes.   The closing date for the third round of applications is 5pm on 4th March 2016.


This is internal funding and thus the scheme is open to any members of HeRC or the HeRC themes, at any of the collaborating centres.  At least one lay member must be a co-applicant.  Please see the guidance notes for further information on who can apply, the application process and assessment criteria.

Application process

Click the link for further guidance about applying to the scheme or click here to request an application form.

Contact for further information

Applicants are encouraged to speak to Lamiece Hassan (who is independent of the review panel) at the earliest opportunity, if they are considering applying.

Lamiece Hassan HeRC PPI Research Officer Tel: 0161 275 1160   Email: